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These are actual testimonials we receive everyday from our FastHGH customers who were thrilled at their results.

“After taking fast hgh for a month I am starting to see and feel what you were talking about on the phone. I have lost the body fat around my stomach and really feel a difference in my energy levels.”

Betty Geter, GA

"It is a great product. My muscle mass is increasing, I am sleeping better. My skin is smoother and my libido is rocking the house!"


“I was in private practice for 44 years and I am now retired and trying to stay as active as I possibly can. I’ve been searching for a long time for products or supplements that would help me and I hit a brick wall. Then, I found Fast HGH. My strength is up 15-20%, I can do things in the gym that I couldn’t do before and this increase in strength has carried over into my daily life and made things much easier for me. It’s a great product and clearly the best I’ve used.”

Dr. Shanti P., Retired

"After using fasthgh spray for 2 months the lines under my eyes are really disappearing and my skin looks so radiant. No need for those creams or 24hr facelifts. I know now that I don’t have to worry about getting those unwanted wrinkles on my skin."

Tonya J, IL

“Let me tell you something, you have a great product on your hands. Now I know why you guys have a 96% success rate with your hgh. Turning 40 wasn’t something I was looking forward to and my physical ability to work was decreasing. Couple a sprays a day of your fast hgh does the trick and I absolutely feel great.”

Mike P.

"the best supplement I have used to build lean muscle and shed unwanted belly fat."


"It is a great product. I was able to fall asleep faster within one week of using
it, and stay asleep. The quality of rest I got by using fast HGH was better than
using over the counter medication and prescription medication.

Lina, GA .

“…aging is something that everyone goes through and when I saw the wrinkles on my face I know I had to do something about it. Thank you very much Maria for listening to my problems and your company product fasthgh is working miracles for me.”

Allen Nichols

"Fasthgh spray has turned a 38 year old personal trainer into the shape of a fine tuned college athlete. My own fitness program has been turned up a few notches, not to mention sleeping better. My skin is smoother and my libido is rocking the house! I was in good shape and my diet was excellent before I started taking hgh, which is probably why I'm seeing the huge benefits of this product at present. I can't say what kind of impact hgh will have on just anyone, but I will speak for myself -- it works! I feel as though I have 20 years added to my prime. Many thanks to those who are responsible for creating this product."

Harris, Salt Lake City

"I ordered a 3 month supply of fast hgh spray and just finished my first bottle. I don't know if it is the product or just my head, but I have to say it is working! My muscle mass is increasing, I am sleeping better. I seem to be in a much better mood all the time, the bags under my eyes are gone and my skin is in much better condition. At 45 I feel like 30 at this point!"

Scott R. Phoenix, AR.

Since I started to use your hgh spray, it has only been one month, I have already changed alot. My skin is looking better, my energy is improved, my thinking process is more acute, and my general feeling is such a feeling of well being....

Megan Andrews, Michigan.

"We really have something here which may be able to reverse some of the problems associated with aging."

Dr. Anthony Karpos, M.D.,

"Hello. I am a personal shopper (part-time) and spend a considerable amount of time dealing with many customer service representative from many companies. I must say that I have found yours to be OUTSTANDING!! No long waits to speak with someone, and when I do, they seem to actually know what business they're in! Every time I have called, problems are resolved quickly. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!!"

Kathy Zelaya

Superb product! The lines on my face a softer and not as noticeable after using your product for 8 weeks. Personally I did not think it was going to do anything but I am very surprised. My bodyfat levels have dropped significantly and this is not just visually as I have had them tested on very accurate testing machines! I know it is not a placebo effect as I can see the results and have backed it up with bodyfat testing machines to confirm. Well done.....You have a great product and a customer for life!




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